Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal food production industry in the world outpacing the combined growth rate of poultry and livestock by more than three times over the past 40 years. A number of important aquaculture trends are emerging, including:

  • Global seafood market is more than $400 Billion
  • US imports 91% of its seafood which results in a massive trade deficit ($95 Billion)
  • China and Southeast Asia have increased control of aquaculture supply including over 88% of global production
  • Increased interest in locally sourced and sustainable food products
  • Growing role of biotechnology and other technologies in the aquaculture value chain

North Carolina is well positioned to take a leadership role in the development of aquaculture business and technology. A combination of strong university systems, existing aquaculture businesses, a seafood/agriculture history, an available workforce, and advanced biotechnology businesses are all foundational elements for aquaculture innovations and growth. These include: marine biotechnology (e.g. disease diagnostics, broodstock genetics, optimized feed, fish-oil alternatives, hatchery technology, water quality, waste and pollution remediation etc.), seafood processing (e.g. food safety testing, processing technologies, and value-added products), distribution and many more.

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Aquaculture is of strategic and economic importance to MBCOI’s NEXUS mission. As such, MBCOI is seeking additional resources to maintain our momentum and augment ongoing activities in the following areas: