Next generation genome analysis

Originally applied to address national biosecurity concerns, this unique bioinformatics platform uses proprietary algorithms that consistently outperform conventional approaches such as BLAST and FASTA for speed, resolution and accuracy. The GF Platform has been optimized for discovery and characterization of unknown organisms and genes as well as analysis of massive, complex datasets such as de-novo whole genome sequencing, metagenomes and RNAseq that are frequently impractical using other systems.

Benefits include:

  • Speed – Decrease analytical time 100X
  • Accuracy – Minimizes false positives/negatives
  • Sensitivity – Prioritizes optimal target
  • Capacity – Analyzes massive datasets from public repositories and/or raw sequencing data
  • Robust – Independent of reference genome, assembly and annotation
  • Adaptable – Highly customizable analysis and data visualization
Applications include:
  • Whole genome analysis, metagenomes, transcriptomes
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Vaccine target prioritization

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