Technology Translation

As an impartial party, MBCOI is uniquely positioned to help academic institutions translate marine research into new products and services by leveraging its marine asset inventory. Since 2012, MBCOI has been working across public and private campuses and has captured over 200 marine biotechnology research projects and inventions from North Carolina’s university researchers in a single inventory system. The technologies span a wide range of applications such as novel chemistries, diagnostics, energy, environment, food production and safety, and animal and human health.

Our efforts have successfully led to combining resources (people and technologies) from multiple institutions (public and private) to advance translation of research. Going forward, we will seek to maximize revenue generation by focusing on key technology platforms that together offer synergistic value.


MBCOI is able to source and evaluate appropriate funding opportunities from various federal, state, and private foundations as well as ad-hoc announcements from websites and special interest groups.