Estate Practice

Estate Planning
Our attorneys have extensive experience advising in the best methods of passing on your assets to your children or in any other manner in which you may direct.

Whether it be a simple will or more complex estate involving the creation of trusts, our attorneys are able to advise with respect to the best methods of passing on and preserving your assets for the next generation.

Estate Administration
In addition, our attorneys often administer or assist with the administration of estates through the probate process.


Lonnie Williams, Sr.
Lonnie Williams, Jr.
A. Dumay Gorham

Estate Disputes
A Caveat Action is the process through which a will is contested. Our attorneys have acted as counsel for the propounders of a will as well as for the caveators to a will in disputes over the disposition of the assets of an estate.


Lonnie Williams, Sr.
Charles Meier
John Coble
Murphy Averitt